Aloft Pro Team Pilots


We are proud to introduce our Aloft Pro Team Pilots:

Francois Ragolski (France), Christina Kolb (Austria), Alex Pereira (France), Martin Schricke (France), Jack Pimblett (England), Alain Lehoux (France), Pal Takats (Hungary), Simon Winkler (Germany), Brooke Whatnall (New Zealand).

Francois is the acro world champion, chick magnet and famous for his "Don't try this at home" video series. 

Martin Schricke is a speed rider, paragliding pilot, kite surfer,  skydiver/wingsuit. He learnt the Infinity in under a year of flying!

Jack Pimblett is just 16! youngest Nova Team pilot, and shows amazing potential already after less than 1 year of flying.

Simon Winkler, world class acro pilot, fashion icon, DHV instructor and Safety Training Manager.

Alex Pereira, young up-coming talent. He is training hard to enter next years APWC.

Brooke Whatnall, the kiwi, Australian flying instructor and very talented. I saw his list of 'tricks to learn' in his apartment in Organya, he is progressing very fast. Also he is a fantastic photographer.

Alain Lehoux, owner of Gypaetes paragliding school and paragliding/safety training instructor. He travels and flies so much that he sometimes wakes up in the morning and isn't sure which country he's in!

Pal Takats, The Legend! The Hair! 

Christina Kolb, flies acro at the highest level, and has never needed her reserve!

See our blog for all the interviews and videos!! 

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