Friday Night Interview with Christina Kolb

Hi Christina,

How long have you been flying?

Since October 2007.I've been flying a bit all over the world. Four years ago I started flying acro in Organya, and ever since I've been following this passion whenever I could. I learned about everything I've learned about acro above land, as I was lucky enough to be surrounded by the right people. I am at a point where I do esferas to both sides but I haven't thrown a parachute yet, that's something I'm quite content with! In 2014 I've participated in my first worldcup.

Where do you currently live? Where were you born and where did you grow up?

In my little car and a bit all over. I was born in Austria and grew up in a little Heidi-style mountain village in the Austrian Alps.

Who do you think is the most talented acro / XC pilot at the moment? 

Pfff there are so many, measuring talent / accomplishment at the highest level is hard :-) 

Who do you think is the best newcomer acro / XC pilot? 

I couldn't say without bias ;-)

Are you as passionate about another sport? 


If for some reason you couldn't fly, what would you invest your time and energy into?

Learning how to fly / getting back into flying / being reborn in order to fly

How many days a year do you train on average? / How many days do you fly per year? 

As many as possible :-)

What was the hardest trick to learn for you and why? 

Full stall, cause I had screwed my first ones and that just stayed in the back of my mind forever ... and of course the perfect Misty to Heli... 

What trick are you learning at the moment? 

Tumble entry into Infinity, X-chopper

Have you invented any tricks or connections? 


If you could only fly one location for the rest of your life which would it be? 

In Iquiganya! 

Have you ever tried hang gliding? If yes, how was it? 

No, but everybody I know who does both seems to prefer hanggliding ...

Does anybody else in your family fly? 

Yes, my two cousins have started to fly as well

What is your top 3 tips for acro / XC beginners?

Respect the progression.

Don't try to jump any steps.

Rather concentrate on one of the steps for too long than not enough.

Why do you think France has so many pilots and America so few? 

I don't know about the Americans, but when it comes to France compared to Austria I think it's because the French ministry of sport actually cares for paragliding and supports it, whereas the Austrian ministry of transport hardly knows what paragliding is ...

Where are you intending to fly this year? 

Organya, Iquique, some spots in France and Austria, the Dolomites .

How many times have you thrown your reserve? 

Never until about 2 weeks ago I had my first one!

Should paragliding become olympic?

I personally don't really care, but it would obviously be good for the sport itself ...

What is your profession/job/education?

Translator / paragliding instructor / tandem pilot.

What did people tease you about when you were a kid? 

About almost everything :-D.

Which was your most memorable flight and why? 

There were quite a few of them: Most involved flying through clouds, cross country flying, flying with friends, great tricks and awesome landscapes.

Who was your hero/role model when you started paragliding? 

Raúl Rodriguez was and still is :-) 

Describe Aloft - Boundary Layer Apparel in less than ten words! 

Modern, innovative, creative, fun, fresh, cool.

Mini or Jeep? Thai curry or Fish'n Chips? British wine or French beer? Schwarzenegger or Stallone?

Jeep, Thai Curry, Belgium beer and Chilean wine, Johnny Depp ;-)

Dogs or Cats?

Most definitely cats 

Thanks for that Christina!

Christina is an Aloft Pro Team member



  • Jarda

    Fantastic pilot Christina Kolb

  • Ivan Purcell

    Tnxs Jack, the video cut is not the best, but I did it in an hour! Christina was too busy doing actual flying, which explains why she kicks ass!

  • Tony Pimblett

    Great interview and film

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