Francois Ragolski & Martin Schricke

Don't try this at home mega stars, chick magnets and Aloft Pro Team pilots - Francois and Martin.

In-between twisted anti rhythmics and filming their new "Don't try this at home" series, they also managed to shoot professional selfies for Aloft. Not sure what they were doing in the bushes, but god we love them anyway!

Martin is wearing the "Urban Flight" T-shirt (I actually took the photo of Martin flying over Iquique) & Francois is wearing the "IQQ" T-shirt - he flew over 300km up from Antofagasta to Iquique when I was there; in an acro harness under an Enzo!

Martin & Francois are both Aloft Pro Team Pilots.


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  • Sergiu

    What glasses are they wearing ?? I’d like a pair of shades like those.


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