Friday Night Interview with Lea Hänsenberger

Hi Lea,

Please shortly describe your flying accomplishments to date:

APWT 2015: 2nd place women, 28th place overall,

French Champs 2015: 1st place women, 15th place overall

How long have you been flying?

Since summer 2009.

Where do you currently live? Where were you born and where did you grow up?

I currently live in beautiful Central Switzerland. I was born and grew up in Bern.

Who do you think is the most talented acro / XC pilot at the moment?

Oh, there are so many :)

Who do you think is the best newcomer acro / XC pilot?


Are you as passionate about another sport?

No, there's no time ;)

If for some reason you couldn't fly, what would you invest your time and energy into?

I'd rather not think about that at the moment. But I would for sure need to find something to replace flying.

How many days a year do you train on average? / How many days do you fly per year?

As many as possible, but sometimes not enough.

What was the hardest trick to learn for you and why?

Helico, and it still is.

What trick are you learning at the moment?

Probably too many at a time, mostly connections and rhythmic SAT

Have you invented any tricks or connections?

no ;)

If you could only fly one location for the rest of your life which would it be?

At the time I'd say Ölüdeniz. But there's so many places I don't know yet.

Have you ever tried hang gliding? If yes, how was it?

No, but I'd like to.

Does anybody else in your family fly?


What are your top 3 tips for acro / XC beginners?

Learn the basics first, take it step by step, take all the time you need

Why do you think France has so many pilots and America so few?

I think paragliding in France has a very different position than in most other countries. In France it's seen as a sport, whereas in Switzerland for example, it's more of a type of aviation. So there's not as much support for pilots who want to go pro.

Where are you intending to fly this year ?

Switzerland, obviously, Ölüdeniz, Dune du Pyla, maybe Iquique

How many times have you thrown your reserve?

Two times

Should paragliding become olympic?

Sure, why not?

What is your profession/job/education?

I'm a Software Engineer

What did people tease you about when you were a kid?

About being a nerd.

Which was your most memorable flight and why?

A very beautiful sunset flight from Mount Babadag with some soaring at the top and afterwards flying down into the sunset together with my boyfriend. Yes, cheesy ;)

Who was your hero/roll model when you started paragliding?

Judith Zweifel

Describe Aloft - Boundary Layer Apparel in less than ten words!

Paragliding Art

Mini or Jeep? Thai curry or Fish'n Chips? British wine or French Beer? Schwarzenegger or Stallone? Dogs or Cats?

Mini, Thai curry, none of the two ;), Stallone, Cats.

Thanks for that Lea!

Lea is an Aloft Pro Team member.



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  • Thomi_sky

    very very cool – acro at it s best ! keep it going, ladies !

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