Aloft Crowd Funding

Dear Friends, Pilots, Customers and Fans.
Thanks for all your support, orders, offers and feedback!
We have learnt a huge amount and are looking forward to further providing you with great products. We have improved our fabric, sizing and cut, now that we have changed manufacturer. We have also introduced our first hoodies and will be releasing caps, beanies, neck tubes during the year. We are excited to announce that we will also be releasing a jacket later in the year which will be the ultimate stylish flying jacket!
So after a great 2015 and a positive proof of concept we are starting our second stage.
We have our new designs ready and our online shop open for pre-orders.

But to help Aloft survive we need your support!

As you probably know, companies need to invest substantial sums before any profit is made, and this is no different with Aloft. We are looking to expand and continuously add new and exciting products. For this we need to invest, we have raised most of the capital needed and now just need a finacial boost with your help.
We have decided that we don’t want donations like kickstarter, but instead we would like to offer you a chance to be part of Aloft’s future by either pre-ordering or buying an Aloft Gift Card/Voucher starting at only €5.
Every pre-order and gift card sold will help us realize our future plans and your purchases will be a crucial part of this. The advantage for you is that your money is not donated, meaning you can use your Gift card at anytime and if you pre-oder you are guaranteed to get the design you want in your size, because the designs are all limited editions 200.
So it is a win-win situation for all of us!
If you have any questions or would like to give feedback then please contact:
Many thanks in advance for your support and see you aloft
Ivan & Niki

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