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Brigitta Gyocsi
Jewellery Designer for Paragliding Pilots

Hello Brigo, how are you?
Thanks, I am fine. Thank you very much for the opportunity to introduce myself.
What is your occupation?
I have been a Hungarian goldsmith for 17 years. I think it is an extraordinary work and creating something is with full of excitement! I really like my job. When I was a child my mother gave me some advice:" it doesn’t matter what I'm going to work or how much salary I’m going to get as long as I love and enjoy what I do." I followed her advice and I try to live by it.
What else do you like to do?
There are three things in my life I really love: flying, teaching others to fly and being a goldsmith.
How and when did you start flying?
I started paragliding in 2010 and this is how I met my partner, who has been flying for 18 years, he teaches and competes. We have founded our own association, Griff Paragliding Club. During the day we flew or we taught and during the night I made jewellery.
What kind of jewellery do you make? 
I make only handcrafted jewellery on the basis of my unique plans! I've always had a lot of work and a lot of ideas.
What material do you use for your jewellery?
Precious metals, gold, silver, wood, plastics, coloured enamel and original Swarovski stones and I use paragliding lines in every colour except black&white (because not available?).
How do you create your design and ideas?
When an idea comes to mind, than I draw it or I do it straight into the metal or carve it into wax. I make the masterpiece first, that will be the prototype for each piece that I make one by one, by hand. More work for more unique product. Sometimes I use computer etching for a silhouette, because every millimetre counts.
How and when did you create your own company?
During the economic crisis many goldsmiths were destroyed, but I tried to hang onto what I love to do. It was a very difficult time. I also had a few jobs, but in the meantime I had a lot more free time and so I started to create my own jewellery design just because it made me happy. I prepared gifts for my love, my friends and myself. This is when I started to make the paragliding jewellery, just for my own pleasure!
What do you call your jewelleries ? What is the meaning of GIOXI?
I was filled with such inspiration and just kept planning, working, planning, working and that is how my two own brands came to life: the GIOXI LOVE and I named my paragliding jewels MY WINGS. Christmas came and surprised me that people in Hungary really like my jewellery and many pilots were looking for them.
Do you only sell in Hungary?
Soon after my first success in Hungary, I was approached from many other countries as well. I'm still very proud and happy and am very glad for every order and all the happy feedback! Thank you to everyone who encourages and supports me. Love to all of you! 
Did you plan new designs for next year?
The new models are coming out at the end of this year, just before Christmas. Next Year, I am planning to sponsor with MY WINGS my favourite paragliding competitions (Winter Cup, AMI LIGA, Serial Cup and The International Female PG Training Program by Adel Honti).
Thank you very much Brigo! 
Interview for Aloft by Niki
The jewellery by Brigitta Gyocsi can be viewed and ordered at:
Facebook contact  (it is more current and up to date for orders) (the page is still under construction)

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  • Melissa

    I received your bracelet and cloud earrings for Christmas from Carrie Thomas. These are inspirational gifts and a privilege to wear. Thank you

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