Thermal Crossings - A Vol-Biv Adventure

t-shirt, thermal crossings,aloft, Rhys Fisher
Aloft has designed this t-shirt for a Rhys Fisher who is offering it as a perk on his Indiegogo project - Thermal Crossings. 
This project has reached it's first funding goal and it is going to be fantastic! Go check it out!
"For Approx. €42.7 EUR / $45.30 USD You'll get 2 years of complete access to the Thermal-Crossings–fan experience. (See Exclusive Access #1 for details) You will also receive a limited addition, custom Thermal Crossings design T-shirt, made by Aloft - Boundary layer Apparel​. + Permission to join the Thermal Crossings private Facebook group where you will have the chance to contribute to the conversation, and the opportunity to meet other passionate fans."
We also designed his logo below:

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