.clothing ending web address

Yes, our website called www.aloft.clothing
NOT www.aloft.clothing.com and NOT www.aloft.clothing.net and NOT even www.aloft.clothing.ch !

Since most of the .com, .net and others are taken, something needed to be done to address the growth of the Web where it came to websites and domain names.

Many of these new extensions give companies a chance to have unique and memorable domain names and allow us to be more descriptive of what we offer.
The possibility of getting a domain name ending with .clothing is just right for aloft.

We are proud of our unique domain name and it is a common misconception about new domain extensions is that they may not give the same SEO benefits as the .coms and the .nets of the domain world. That is not true. Search engines are actually being more fair and treating all extensions as if they were the same, meaning they aren’t ranking these any lower than the .com and .net domain names.








So remember
www.aloft.clothing :)  




See you aloft!
Niki & Ivan


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